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Figma social media content templates for branding, marketing, insights, and more. Free for personal and commercial use!

Figma Social Feeds is designed for
everyone. Use for whatever you want,
it's completely free!


For Designer

Busy designers want to share insights, such as tips, tricks or other types of insights. Focus on content not on design.


For Coder

Coders who want to share snippets, tools, or tips and tricks. No design skills required: just duplicate, edit and export!

Voice Speaker

For Marketer

Promote the product in an elegant and attractive way to get more attention from potential customers. Just duplicate and export!

There are 80+ Pre-Designed Templates Ready to Use

Many design choices make it free for you to make a different design every time you post. There are 80+ designs with 10+ different layouts. Each layout has several designs with the same theme, just need to focus on the content!

  • Insights: create content that contains insights on design, coding, or recommendations for the best tourist attractions.

  • Promotions: get more potential customers by making product or service promotions in a more attractive way.

  • Much More: design more types of content with Social Feeds and increase followers on your social media accounts.

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Design Templates Are Highly Customizable, it's easy to use!

All design templates are ready to use, meaning you only need to focus on content or if necessary, adjust some properties such as color, font, font size and other properties to match your brand.

  • Font Family: use your favorite font in the design template you choose. Figma has dozens of fonts, don't worry about font!

  • Colors: adjust the color of the template design with the brand you have. Set a solid color or gradient, both of which are easy to customize.

  • Much More: set more properties to suit your desires, all the designs own proportions optimized for social media.


Social Feeds is a Figma design template, and
everyone can use Figma!

Like the demo above, you can use Social Feeds with ease, just need to duplicate the template design
you want, design the content, and export!

Optimized For Posts on All Social
: Facebook, Instagram & Twitter

The design has an aspect ratio of 1:1 which the majority of social media recommends. The image quality is also high (1080 * 1080), you can further increase the image quality to 2x or more so that the design looks sharper.

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Figma Social Feeds is Free For Personal or Commercial Use

Figma Social Feeds is licensed under CC BY 4.0, which means you are free to use template designs for personal or commercial purposes with attribution to the template design creator.

  • Design content for products to be sold

  • Design content to offer services

  • Create product that include Social Feeds as features in it

  • Resell it without making significant changes

  • Create design generator tool that include Social Feeds

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Figma Social Feeds is free for everyone, create content for promotion, share insights and get creative on the internet.